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Mental Health

Do you feel overwhelmed with life? Are you are struggling to get through the day? Do you feel underwater, not yourself, like there is no hope anymore? At NP Psych and Mental Health, we can help. We offer in-depth psychiatric evaluations and medication management therapies to help you get back to who you want to be. We will work with you to develop a treatment plan uniquely suited to you.

At NP Psych and mental health, we believe in the power of the individual. As we go through our journey in life we often encounter difficulties and obstacles. One of the most important steps an individual can make on this journey is to invest in themselves. We believe in supporting mental health and well-being through a holistic collaborative care model. Your provider will work with you to develop a treatment plan that may or may not include medications.

NP Psych and Mental Health believes that the individual should be the focus of each and every treatment session. Often times in large psychiatric practices the individual gets lost. Our practice is unique, we are a small patient-centered practice dedicated to helping you reach your mental health goals.

Now accepting new patients in both Arizona and new Mexico for telemedicine psychiatric services!
For Arizona patients please call: 602-661-7550. You do not have to be in the Greater Phoenix area.
For New Mexico patients please call: 505-456-0400. You do not have to be in the Greater Albuquerque area.

Mission Statement

To provide high-quality person-centered psychiatric evaluations and medication management to each individual person.

Core Values

CARE: Compassion, Acceptance, Respect, Empowerment

Vision Statement

To help patients on their journey through life through compassion, acceptance, respect, and empowerment.